What Is The Sacrum?
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What Is The Sacrum?

The sacrum is one of the most intriguing bones in our body. Sacrum derives its name from a Latin word which means sacred. Does this mean that our sacrum is so “sacred?”

The sacrum is one of the most intriguing bones in our body. Sacrum derives its name from a Latin word which means sacred. Does this mean that our sacrum is so “sacred?”

Define Sacrum

The sacrum is one of the bones in our lower back. This flat triangle shaped bone is inserted between both our hip bones at the bottom tip of our spine. Our sacrum functions mainly to connect our upper and lower bodies at our sacroiliac joint. It is also our sacrum that transfers our body weight from our upper body to our lower body.

Since our sacrum is positioned between our two hip bones, it holds and secures our bony pelvis. None of our muscles pass through or cover our sacrum thus our sacroiliac joints heavily rely on biochemical balance to keep it in place.

Why is Sacrum an important part of the body?

The sacrum is an important bone that is found between both our hip bones. When we experience sacral insufficiency fractures this means that the quality of our sacrum is not good enough to handle the weight of our upper body.  The bone has become weak and its function of being a support will lessen. When this happens the weight of our upper body causes so much stress on our sacrum, thus we will be experiencing severe pains in our buttocks, hip, back or pelvis. When our sacrum is compromised, going about our normal daily activities will cause us so much pain.

The importance of our sacrum to correct a displaced hip and also during a hip replacement surgery is a function of this bone that we have to fully understand.

If sacrum is damage what will happen?

If our sacrum is damaged, we have what is called a sacral fracture. Sacral fractures commonly affect older female adults because their bones have started to weaken. Female long-distance runners, no matter how young, are also prone to sacral fractures.

When our sacrum becomes damage we normal experience pain in our lower back. We also may experience some muscles spasms and lower back discomfort especially while seating, thus most females who have this condition sit on a donut pillow or a soft cushion to relieve some of the pain. Correcting the damage of the sacrum and make it a stable support bone once again involves minimal rehabilitation.

How to take care of your Sacrum

Adult females are normally prone to sacral fracture. The best way to take care of our sacrum is to have good posture and to avoid trauma on the sacrum bone. If you are an office worker and have to sit long hours, be sure to have a comfortable chair that will not cause any form of back pain. Additionally, also try to always sit in an upright position. This is one of the reasons why female long distance runners are prone to having sacrum fracture.

When you are starting to have pain in your lower back or buttocks while sitting, climbing, running, or jumping, this means your sacrum is on the verge of having a sacrum fracture. To avoid the worsening of the condition, try to sit on a donut pillow when you have to sit for long periods.

Can Osteopathy help you treat damage sacrum?

Osteopathy deals with the relief of joint and spinal pain. We know that our sacrum lies between both our hip bones and we have two sacroiliac joints. If any of our sacroiliac joint gets damaged because of a bad fall, the other joint will have to work double time to compensate for the malfunction of the other joint.

Our sacrum can twist and tilt forward, sideways and backward and will cause pain in either or both of our buttocks.

Back pain is one of the problem osteopathy addresses. The process they do will help us relieve our pain and will make our sacrum function normally again.

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