Stretch: Prevent Back Pain
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Stretch: Prevent Back Pain

On the last article I’ve written about back pain, I mainly point out the value of good postures especially sitting and driving. Good postures are a must to understand to prevent and avoid back pain. Here are additional easy stretching exercises on how to prevent back pain forever. Regular stretches before and after your workout or exercises will do very good on you.


These three simple stretching exercises (all done while sitting in a chair) can keep your spine flexible and help prevent back pain. Dr.Michael D.Pedigo,DC, a chiropractor inSan Lesandro,Californiaand president of the American Chiropractic Association explains, “It’s important to do these exercises on an ongoing basis – even when you’re pain-free – to counteract stresses and strains in the muscles of the back and prevent recurrent episodes of the back pain.”

Do them three times day – morning, midday and early evening. Do not worry if you hear some snapping and popping as your joints move through their full ranges of motion, as is forward long as it causes no sharp pain. If it does, stop the exercise and see a chiropractor.


Sit in a chair in a normal position, upright sitting position with hands on your knees and legs hip width apart. Lower your head toward your chest as close as you can without straining any neck muscles. In smooth continuous motion, slowly bend your neck back as far as you comfortably can. Repeat this motion slowly 10 times in each direction, but do not force either motion and without straining any muscle.

SIDE BENDING: Flexibility

In the same upright sitting position, hold your hands palms downward in front of your chest and lace your fingers together. Place your elbows to the sides, horizontal to the floor. Slowly bend to the left from the waist, tilting so that your left elbow points toward the floor and bending the spine as far as you can comfortably. Return to the upright position and repeat on the right side. Do this 10 times in each direction.

FULL TWIST: For the spine

In the same sitting position, with fingers still laced and elbows out horizontal with the floor, turn your head and shoulders to the right, letting your spine twist comfortably as far as it can. Repeat on the other direction. Do 10 twist on both sides.

YOGA: HALF-COBRA; For strong back muscles

To prevent and relieve back pain, you need to strengthen your back muscles. One of the best exercises to a great back muscle is swimming regularly. But there is a yoga posture – half cobra that, when done everyday is a fantastic way to strengthen the back muscle.

Lie flat on your stomach on either a mat, with your leg muscles completely relaxed and your forehead resting on the floor. Take a deep breath as you slowly push your head and torso upward, keeping your hips in place, then rest on your elbows. This is a reading position for kids and adults alike.

Keep your back relaxed and hold for about a minute. If your neck becomes strain, cup your chin in your hands, then breathe out; lower your arms, head and chest back to the floor; and relax. Repeat again, twice.

FROM THE DOCTOR: Non-drug pain relief

You can use anti-inflammatory medications for pain relief. But if you’d rather not cope with their side-effects, including digestive upset, there is alternative medicine that may work just as good.

MSM: from nature’s pharmacy

The nutritional supplement MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is very effective for treating chronic back pain, says Stanley W. Jacob, MD, professor of surgery atOregonHealthSciencesUniversityinPortland.

Dr. Jacob states that, “I have seen several hundred patients for back pain secondary to other problems; such as arthritis, disk degeneration and accidents. For such pain-related conditions, MSM is usually beneficial. In fact, there maybe no pharmaceutical therapy that is better.”

Dr. Jacob recommends taking up 8 grams of MSM a day divided into does with meals. Because the supplement may induce loose vowels, start with 2 grams daily and increase by 2 grams every 7 days, if necessary, until your reach 8 grams – if the lower dosage does not help.

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