Natural Treatments for Back Pain
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Natural Treatments for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the main problems of adulthood often causing trouble for many people. These pains are primarily influenced by posture, the way we go, how to take some weight, diet, digestion and even how we respond to stress. They can be the result of back problems or injuries caused by the factors listed above

Easier to understand the mechanism occurring back pain is important to know some aspects about this area of the body and the spine structure. It consists of 33 vertebrae intertwined. The first 24 vertebrae are separated by some "natural shocks" represented by discs of cartilage. Column is strengthened by ligaments, muscles and joints of the vertebrae.

Herniated disc is one of the conditions causing back pain. They appear as cartilaginous intervertebral discs deteriorate and press on a nerve.

Muscle spasms in the back can also cause backache. These spasms are caused by injuries or muscle strains, muscles contracting and become painful and stiff, leading often unable even to move.

Osteoporosis is one of the most common causes of back pain in people over 50 years. This condition weakens the strength of vertebrae, and they are easily broken or fractures.

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine is shaped like the letter "S". In this case the patient suffers from pain is not intense, but if we are stepping in the wrong position for a long time or do excessive effort.

Lombosciatica is manifested by a sharp and strong pain felt in the buttock. Leave and leg pain down. The problem here is caused by an intervertebral disc that is pressing on the sciatic nerve affected. Often this type of pain occurs after sporting exercises performed incorrectly or heels (girls ... so be careful!).

Tips for preventing back pain

Avoid excessive or forced movements of the body (particularly the back) that causes pressure and stretching the spine and the muscles of the back.

When working on the computer even for a short time make sure you keep your knees bent 90 degrees and the back is straight.

When you lift a heavy object bend your knees, then lift the object by straightening the knees, keeping your back straight. So avoid putting all the pressure on your back and spine.

Wear comfortable shoes that support the foot well and not make you step back so abnormal to be always tense and rigid.

When you use a sleeping mat hard enough (but not too much) to support your back properly.

How to treat back pain?

One. Alternative applications of heat and ice. This treatment is one that helps to relax the back muscles that cause you pain. It is especially useful if these pains are caused by muscle tension or a sciatica. Place the first bag of ice (or something in the freezer wrapped in a towel) on the affected area. Change then, alternating at intervals of 20 minutes, with a glass of hot water (as hot as you can stand).

Treatment can be done first and applying hot towel for two minutes and then a soak in cold water for one minute. Helps to relax muscles and increase and improve blood circulation.

Two. Phytotherapy. There are several known natural treatments that you certainly will relieve back pain, muscle rigidity and reduce the spine and stimulate circulation.

One of the most popular remedies is paprika. It contains a substance called capsaicin which is extraordinary property of inhibiting the painful sensation. Therefore, hot pepper is used by many herbalists to physicians for many types of pain relief.

If you have pain in my side every morning (before sunrise) and evening after sunset with a special blend. It is made up of 9 chillies, 2 tablespoons of seeds ciumăfaie and 0.5 liters of spirit, taking composition to soak for nine days, then strain.

If you have muscle pain occurring in cold massages you with another special solution, all with hot peppers. Put to soak 7 days a mixture of 5 tablespoons chopped pepper, half a glass of spirits and half a glass of vinegar. This frees you immediately prepared for pain if you massage him once or twice a day.

Also for back pain you can also massage the painful area with a mixture of equal amounts of glycerine and tincture of cayenne pepper.

Hot compresses applied to the painful area also resolve issues back. For it is recommended hot compress with chamomile, valerian, ginger Calin.

Against the pain of sciatica rub skin with oil.

Three. Homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic practitioners recommend the removal of back pain management remedies Arnica orally and / or Hypericum. Arnica is given 2 times a day and is used if the pain comes back after a concussion, and Hypericum also administered 2 times per day and is used in case of back pain is caused by nerve irritation. For dosage, follow the specialist who will recommend a specific treatment and your special person (Dr. Lucia Sterie, homeopathic physician and family doctor clinic Doctor Home).

Four. Hot showers and movements in the form of "8" will get rid of back pain. Hot shower is advisable to respect a certain position of the body. Keep both knees bent, palms down even the knees. Put your weight on your arms more to ease back. Shower is applied on the painful. Meanwhile make the bottom of spine motion in the form of "8", pushing the hips back and forth when one side when the other for 10 minutes.

Five. Paraffin baths for back pain. For paraffin bath is required the following: mineral oil, paraffin 1-2 packs almost dry, a double-bottomed pot and a rubber brush hair.

Melt paraffin in double-bottomed pot, adding a tablespoon of mineral oil for each 1/2 pounds of wax. Allow mixture to cool until a foam appears on the surface vessel. This foam is removed, then add 4-5 cm of paraffin.

Brush with oil behind. The first shave the hair in the area where you application, then stretched paraffin brush. After the first coat of wax to dry longer gives again with wax. This continues until the layer reaches a thickness of 1 cm, then cover with a towel. After half an hour to remove the layer of wax by peeling.

The mixture can be used several times. You can also use simple paraffin without preparing the mixture of oil, thus ensuring greater heat in the painful area.

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