Lower Back Pain and Its Home Remedies
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Lower Back Pain and Its Home Remedies

Lumbago (lower back pain) results from lifting or over strenuous exercise. Strained or torn muscles hurt, and then go into spasm, causing further pain.

Lumbago (lower back pain) results from lifting or over strenuous exercise. Strained or torn muscles hurt, and then go into spasm, causing further pain. The ligaments that bind the vertebrae together can also become strained or torn, producing severe pain in the spinal joints and muscles. Other causes of lumbago include a slipped disc and arthritis.


- Pain in the small of the back.

- Pain may come on suddenly, or overnight.

- May be severe and interfere with mobility.

- Chronic (longstanding) lumbago is worse in cold or damp weather.

Home Remedies

Besides a wholefood diet, rest is a priority for acute lower back pain that starts after lifting or undue exercise, either lying on the floor for maximum support to the lower spine, or in bed with a chopping board or similar placed under the mattress beneath the affected area. Weight reduction where necessary would be recommended as a matter of course, especially since being seriously overweight increases the risks of accident-related back injury in the first place. Appropriate exercise, such as swimming in a heated pool, would be recommended as soon as possible, to prevent further stiffening of the spine and muscle weakness developing from underuse. Further hydrotherapy in the form of warm showers, baths and compresses would be advised, together with appropriate herbal and aromatherapeutic remedies. Manipulation and exercise routines would also be suggested as an integral part of the naturopathic treatment.

For chronic lumbago, a wholefood diet with low-fat protein and dairy foods to suit the person’s individual tastes would be advised. Although raw food and juice fasts are a healthy approach to dealing with arthritic pain, there is scant evidence that they would benefit either acute or long-standing lumbago caused by physical trauma.

Specific dietary supplements include all the antioxidants to counteract inflammation. Daily supplements of evening primrose oil and marine fish oil capsules (or just plain old cod liver oil) are also recommended to be taken.

Make a warm compress using a dilute tincture made from angelica, and apply this to the lower back area. Take preparations of willow (contains salicylates, the natural source of aspirin), or sip chamomile or thyme tea for their muscle-relaxing actions.

Make a poultice with 1 tbsp linseed oil with 5 drops of angelica, juniper, pine or thyme essence, warm gently and leave in place for about 20 minutes – repeat daily as required. Then gently massage the lower back region after placing a warm poultice made with 6 drops of one of these oils, added to about 2 tsp of almond oil.


- Learn how to lift items correctly.

- Do not try to shift heavy furniture unaided.

- Always exercise safely and under guidance unless you are very experienced.

- Seek expert help for troublesome symptoms early on. To avoid back pain becoming chronic.

Caution – Pain extending into the buttocks and/or down the leg suggests a prolapsed disc – lie on a blanket on the floor and call for medical assistance.

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