Is a Decompression Table Right For You and Your Back Pain?
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Is a Decompression Table Right For You and Your Back Pain?

How a decompression can possibly help you with a bad lower back.

I have begun using a chiropractor who has a decompression table. A decompression table is used for patients who have a slipped disc or herniated disc. The use of this table is to pull your lower body while your upper body is in a harness and hooked to the end of the table. The machine pulls the harness on your lower body, little by little, to hopefully get the disc to slip back into place. It may take several sessions for this to work.

You are usually given about twelve sessions and given an physical exam to see if it is helping you.

During the use of the decompression table, the machine uses different amounts of weight, slowly and methodically. It will increase gradually so that it will not throw your body into shock. During this time, you may or may not be in a tremendous amount of pain. I have a problem with two discs and my hip joints. This probably causes me to have even more pain than usual.

Before you are placed on the decompression table, you will have to lay on a table and have a heat pad placed on the area that will be worked on. You will also have a TENS Unit placed on your back that will send electric waves to the area that is in pain. Both of these are designed to soften up the area that will be worked on with the decompression table.

The decompression table session usually lasts about thirty to forty minutes, depending on your situation. The amount of weight that the chiropractor uses will be determined by the amount of your body weight. The chiropractor will come in various times to check on you and to see if any adjustments are needed on the machine or your harness. The harness is put on tightly, but while the machine is pulling the lower half, it can become loose.

The decompression table pulls on the lower half of your body, and the spine will "hopefully" open up enough to allow the disc to slip back into place. The machine only moves the spine about the width of a hair. That is why it takes several sessions, and most likely a monthly session after the initial treatment is performed.

If you have a lower back problem, like a slipped disc or herniated disc as I have, then you most likely will have pain from the sciatic nerve that runs from your lower back through your buttocks and down the back of your leg. This is extrememly painful. It can be so bad at times that you will actually fall, which does not help the back.

While you are on the decompression table, make absolutely sure that you tell the chiropractor if you are feeling any pain. He can adjust the machine and/or adjust your body by placing a cushion under the side that is hurting.

If you are feeling some pain, make sure that you breathe in and out. It will help bring more oxygen to your muscles and to the effected area.

Using a decompression table will significally help with your herniated disc. It may take several sessions for you to get to the point that you feel less pain or no pain at all. Just give it time and do not give up.

I am not an expert in the field of medicine, nor should you make an appointment to use one of these tables. Your doctor will decide whether or not it would be beneficial to you and your case. I have been through a long journey dealing with my back pain, and I found that this works best for me. Make sure that you seek medical health before you consider asking your chiropractor if a decompression table is right for you.

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Comments (2)

good job

I try and find out as much information as possible how to stop back pain. I have never tried this. So far my exercises the therapist gave me helps me out so much. Keep them coming, I enjoy reading your articles on back pain. The more we learn the better off we will be.