Coping With A Spinal Injury Through Love, Support and Therapy
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Coping With A Spinal Injury Through Love, Support and Therapy

Coping with a spinal injury is life changing and needs the love and support of loved ones, along with therapy for healing. Coping with a spinal injury is different for each individual but does not mean the end of your life. You can learn how you can lead a happy and productive life as you learn all the techniques of coping with a spinal injury.

Coping with a spinal injury is life changing.  As an active individual, you are doing what you love but it can be devastating if your dream is cut short due to an accident or injury.  A spinal injury can be a life-altering event that is not only confusing and frightening for you and your family, it is something that is difficult to understand and cope with.   Such an injury affects all regular activities and relationships, needing time to move forward.  Yet, people with a spinal injury have moved on to live happy and productive lives.

In order to heal from such an injury and learn coping with a spinal injury, you need support from loved ones and stay motivated in the right direction.  Some people such as athletes and those involved in fitness are prone to injuries and can be quickly taken out of the regular schedule, or at worse, the entire dream and career.  Inadequate warm-ups, not training properly and a lack of conditioning are some of the causes of such injuries.  Coping with a spinal injury is different for everyone but usually requires various stages of grief, denial, anger, sadness, depression, dealing with and finally acceptance. It is no doubt stressful both physically and psychologically.  A huge part of the recovery and coping process typically involves a great deal of physical rehabilitation.

As important as rehab is to your recuperation, coping with a spinal injury involves psychology techniques which are imperative in healing you both emotionally and mentally.  Such an injury seems to be such an unfair blow to your health, dreams and career. In order to become a healthy addition to society, therapy and treatment will help you to move beyond the negative feelings and show you how you can turn false hope into positive strategies for coping.  This is the way to become more resilient, flexible and focused.

Coping with a spinal injury is not easy but requires an extensive support system so that you do not find yourself in isolation from those who love you most.  Such isolation can lead to depression and possible addictions.  When coping with a spinal injury, you can work with a social worker or join a support group to find out you are not alone and can move forward. Such groups are encouraging through advice of others while you see there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

While coping with a spinal injury, educate yourself thoroughly about the injury you have suffered, explore all your options and go for them to you can reclaim your independent life.  The tools available to you are endless for healing and coping with a spinal injury both physically and mentally.  Gather and accept all the love and support available to you so that you can heal yourself while coping with a spinal injury because you can lead a happy and productive life.

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I have suffered through years of back pain. I get seen at the VA but they seem to be drug pushers. Thank you for the helpful article. I recommended this and tweeted it too.