Are The Muscles In Your Back Knotted And Tense?
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Are The Muscles In Your Back Knotted And Tense?

Tense and knotted muscles may not be from a new activity. Find the cause of pain and discomfort and remember to relax.

If you are dealing with tense or knotted muscles in your back on a regular basis then the first and most important thing to do is find out what is causing them. Are you participating in sports or activities that you don’t normally do? There is a reason for the tension to be prevalent in these areas.

It is possible that these tender areas are not caused by a new activity at all. On occasion you will sleep in an odd position that causes stress and strain on a muscle and you will find tender muscles as a result. Falling asleep with an extra pillow can also cause this problem, usually in the neck upper shoulder area.

Most commonly, if there is no new activity that you can pin point causing the problem it is unrelated stress. Tension builds in the body; whether stress at work, the stress from commuting or an accumulation of stresses, the body will respond to your emotional tension physically. This is done by tensing and tightening muscles of the shoulders, neck and upper back area.

It is important to remember that your body is connected to other parts of the body in sometimes precarious ways, meaning if you have pain in your neck it is pretty common to have knots and pain in the shoulders as well. People also have a tendency to over compensate for a tender area of the body; for instance if you right ankle is tender you will automatically adjust your weight so that the left ankle will take on more of the weight bearing process giving the right ankle time to recover. We do this with sore and tender muscles as well.

Many times using heat will relax the muscle enough to start getting you some relief. If your muscles have been tense and knotted for some time it could take a few heat treatments to relieve the pain and discomfort.

Massage is often a good choice but if you have knotted muscles this may not be the most relaxing process. In message pressure is applied to the tense muscle causing it to release. This is sometimes downright painful, but effective. There are also many over the counter products that can be used to help relieve the tightness in the muscle; these products are usually chemically based.

It is important to remember that after a treatment, which ever you choose, you should stay in a relaxed state thus allowing the muscle to stay relaxed. If you have had a muscle that has been tense for sometime it will want to spring back into the knotted position it is used to. Allow your body time to recover.

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Hi Lorie, thank you for writing this informative article. I have been dealing with chronic back problems for 30 years, I recommended your article and tweeted it too.