10 Ways On How Chronic Pain Sufferers Ease Backaches and Other Pains
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10 Ways On How Chronic Pain Sufferers Ease Backaches and Other Pains

According to a researcher the spine is the foundation of human movement and flexibility. The spine helps support the body's weight and it allows the body to remain in an upright position. Poor posture is the most underlying cause of backache. Falling down a staircase and sudden strain while lifting an object can cause backache. It is interesting to note that researcher have discovered that the intensity of your pain often has more to do with how you react than the actual severity of an injury. Here experts share ways on how you can ease backaches and other pain.

 Anatomy of the human spine

According to a researcher the spine is the foundation of human movement and flexibility.  The spine helps support the body's weight and it allows the body to remain in an upright position.  The spine is made up of 33 bony blocks or vertebrae arranged in five sections.  When a vertebrae is unstable in the lumber area, it shifts forward  and backward on the vertebrae underneath, causing lower back pain. To keep these vertebrae in their proper position, the spinal column depends on a complex system of cartilage, ligaments and muscles.  Working together, this complex system provides strength that prevent spinal column from collapsing.  When the muscles become weak, however, the system loss stability resulting in pain and a weakened spine.

Causes of back pain:

  • Poor posture. Poor posture is the most common underlying cause of back pain.  Poor posture habits usually begin in childhood.  Years of slouching, or swayback produces a range of problems, from back pain and more.  Straighten up. You may help rid yourself of lower backaches.
  • Fall down  a staircase.
  • Sudden strain while lifting an object.
  • Severe backache may be due to unstable vertebrae.

Back pain remedies

Backaches in some days it hurt just a little incapacitated you.  Backaches keeps you in bed all day and drowsy on painkillers. It is interesting to note that researchers have discovered that the intensity of your pain often has more to do with how you react than the actual severity of an injury. 

Here are ways on how to ease your  back pain shared by a medical doctor.

  • Stretching exercises.  Stretching helps to relax your muscles.  Stretching helps by relaxing your muscles, improving blood circulation to your painful parts too.  You can try by slowly rolling your head in circles clockwise and then counterclockwise, it helps aid a sore neck.

                                                       Stretching Exercises

  • Sprinkle yourself with pepper.  According to herbalists, red pepper (Cayenne) on your skin stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain.  Sprinkle  pepper liberally on your skin and leave it uncovered,  You may feel a burning sensation, but your skin won't actually burn.
  • Stop drinking coffee. Stop drinking coffee go for tea.  According to researchers many people suffering from lower backaches find that the pain disappear when they quit drinking coffee.  Don't substitute with a hot chocolate.  It can cause lower back pain.  Drink a cup of herbal tea instead.  Peppermint tea is especially good for stomachache.
  • Press pressure points of the body.  Acupressure is a type of Oriental massage that focuses on pressure points of the body.  According to therapist, to relieve a sore elbow:  Find the spot with the most pain in your elbow, then on the other elbow press hard on the same point.


  • Reflexology of the foot.  Reflexology is another therapeutic form of touch.  According to reflexologist certain points on your hands and the bottom of your feet are believed to be linked to various parts of your body.  Massaging your foot on the pads immediately for example, can relieve pain in your arms and shoulders.

                                                       Reflexology of the Foot

  • Have a full-body massage.  Massage tight knots in your muscles, release little pockets of waste materials that can create pain and improves circulation.  A five-minute massage of your neck and shoulders do wonders fro stress and tension.  You can ask a friend to use her fingers and palms in a long deep strokes on your painful parts.

                                                         Body Massage

  • Sleeping without pillow.  Sleep on a firm mattress.  A soft mattress may sound nice, but it actually can cause all sorts of pains and aches says a therapist.   Sleep on a firm mattress instead.  Try sleeping without a pillow for pillows can strain your neck.
  • Get hypnotized.  You can visit a professional hypnotherapist and explain your goal.  Keep in mind that when putting you into a hypnotic state, he or she will not be able to make you do anything you don't want to do.  Our minds have a great power over our bodies.  Hypnotherapist will be able to teach you, at a deep, subconscious level, how to turn pain off at will.
  • Do some sit-ups and other exercise.  Sit-ups strengthen your abdominal muscles, which in turn support your spine.  Weight-bearing exercise such as walking and biking also increase bone and muscle strength.  For best results, exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes.
  • Chiropractor visit.  A chiropractor relieve the pain by adjusting for instance, cradling a sore neck and clicking it back into place might relieve a headache.  According to a chiropractor our muscles and bones are all intricately interconnected.  Sometimes pain is a matter of the connections being out of alignment due to injury or other stresses.


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